Arctic Bay crab fishing

"An Adventure of a Lifetime"


  1. Is experience required?No! Experience is not required.  You will be properly trained and will start your career as a greenhorn and can be promoted with experience and a few contracts under your belt.
  2. What do I bring? – Bring up to three suitcases of warm clothing. Thermals, warm socks, and steel toes boots. Casual clothes are recommended for land excursions. Wet suits will be provided upon boarding.
  3. How do I get to Alaska? – The majority of our employers take care of all transportation needs to the jobsite and back home after your contract is completed.
  4. Can I work year round? – Yes! After your initial contract is completed you are welcome to reapply anytime. Most individuals choose to work six months out of the year and relax and enjoy time off the other half.
  5. Can women apply? – Absolutely! There are thousands of women who work in the refineries and hatcheries as well as the vessels.
  6. How often do you dock? – Vessels dock every 3-5 days depending on the haul to unload to gather supplies and stretch the legs. Phone calls and letters can be taken care of during this time as well as dining, shopping, and taking in the beautiful Alaskan scenery.
  7. Can I bring a friend? – Yes! The Buddy System is encouraged and designed for both of you to work on the same vessel through your preferred contract.
  8. How much money can I expect to make in Alaska? Salmon fisherman can earn up to $40,000 in three months! Cannery and processor workers can earn up to $7000 per month! Deck hands can earn up $15000 per month fishing for cod, halibut and pollack! Crab fisherman can earn up to $20,000 per month!!

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