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Artic Bay jobsAre you ready for some adventure in your life and to make some great money in a new lucrative career? Then we have the job for you and are currently hiring for one, two and three month contracts with an earning potential of $7-$10K a month, full benefits, food, housing and transportation provided.

If you’re a hard worker, can ignore cold weather and tackle 13 hour days with a ten man crew GREAT!

You’re ready for a job on a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska. No this isn’t Bill Gates. It isn’t the diamond merchants of South Africa or the oil barons of Saudi Arabia.

One of the world’s highest paid jobs is crab fishing in Alaska. The cold waters off the Alaskan shoreline house a veritable fishing goldmine. Crab fishing in Alaska has been dubbed as one of the last great gold rushes on earth. Crab fishing is the most significant of the Alaskan commercial industries. The Bearing Sea, Bristol Bay, Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, and Aleutian Islands are home to the rich bounties. Every year, thousands of fisherman flock to Alaska to work in the states fishing industry. King crab fishing is tough and working in this popular job requires bravery and teamwork.

Why work on a vessel in Alaska? Excellent earning potential!!! Free transportation, room and board along with daily buffet style meals provided. Enjoy Alaska’s beautiful scenery and activities, make new friends learn new skills and more.

Check out the Gallery, review the Frequently Asked Questions and when you’re ready to leap into this new adventure simply fill out the application.

Your journey awaits you!


The Arctic Bay Recruitment Team

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